How to get a job at a medtech start-up

Read our top 5 tips to land your dream job at a medtech start-up, where the mission runs deep and hoodies are part of the dress code.

Start-up life in any industry is never boring, things run a million miles a minute and the capacity to rapidly grow your career is huge.

The medtech industry in particular is growing at breakneck speed, with the potential to create an additional 28,000 jobs in Australia by 2025. As with any start-up, you’ll be part of an energetic team building momentum, but medical technology provides a deeper level of meaning and mission to the work you do: the potential impact on patients’ lives. We think that’s pretty special.

So how do you get yourself a ticket to this medtech start-up ride? We’ve pulled some of our top tips together to help you land that dream job.

  • Do your homework: Find out about the founders.
    What is it they are trying to achieve in this world? What problem are they trying to solve?
  • Share the passion: Having a personal connection to the mission is always a plus.
    What’s resonating with you? Create a connection through that, because when you go into your interview it will really make an impression on whoever you’re meeting.
  • Know what you’re getting yourself into: You are coming into something in its formative stage, something that is incredibly agile.
    To thrive in this space, you’ve got to move at a fast pace and be at ease in the ‘land of grey areas’; a land where things change very quickly. You’ve got to be able to adapt and be okay with things that aren’t properly formed yet. You can thrive in this environment, an environment where innovation and creativity are rewarded generously.
  • Own a hoodie: Hoodies are the uniform of the startup.
    And hop aboard the company ‘swag train’… get the T shirt, the hoodie, and the baseball cap. Show your pride.
    We absolutely love it when our team members take pics of their pets and their kids wearing swag. Branded swag is a big part of the team culture, giving everyone a sense of community & inclusion. When everyone’s on Zoom and more than half of the team are wearing swag, there’s an emotional connection.
  • Be yourself: If you’re aligned with the vision, and are an exceptionally talented individual there’s no need to fake it.
    Don’t go into the interview and try to be somebody that you’re not. Play to your strengths, play to your awesomeness. We want to interview you for a reason. Lean into who you are and what value you can add to the mission.

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