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Episode 92

10 Jan 2024
Digital Pathology Podcast – The Evolution of Digital Pathology: 2013 vs. 2023

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This month’s podcast recommendation is from Stuart Wishart, Principal Engineer at Franklin.ai:

“This episode featuring Dr. Matt Leavitt takes you on a journey through the years of incredible transformation in digital pathology. A particularly interesting discussion point for me was where they’re talking about setting up the DDx Foundation to provide big companies with ethical access to a broad range of patients, e.g. outside of big cities and from minority ethnic groups.”

Episode 83

12 Dec 2023
Digital Pathology Place: Top 5 Mistakes you must AVOID in using Machine Learning for pathology

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We’re asking the Franklin team to share some of their top pick podcast episodes. Phil Young, Engineering Manager provides us with his…

This informative discussion with Heather Couture, an expert in machine learning for pathology, highlights the top 5 mistakes to avoid to ensure the best possible machine learning and deep learning project outcomes.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can maximize the benefits of machine learning for pathology and ensure accurate and timely project results and product launches. Whether you are new to machine learning or an experienced practitioner, this discussion is a valuable resource for anyone interested in using machine learning (including deep learning) for pathology.

Episode 25

4 Oct 2023
The Medical AI Podcast: A Roadmap for Medical AI Regulatory Approval

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This month’s podcast recommendation is from Chris Warren, Head of Clinical Affairs at Franklin.ai:

“Great insights from Dr Hugh Harvey, Managing Director of Hardian Health, on the roadmap to regulatory approval and commercialisation for AI systems in health. Dr Harvey highlights the importance of identifying intended use early to set up a successful regulatory and clinical strategy. He provides a great summary of the risk class levels and how this relates to intended use and economic viability of a product. This is brought together through an insightful discussion on AI tests and skin cancer diagnosis.”

Episode 65

6 Jul 2023
Digital Pathology Place: What is Translational Research in Digital Pathology?

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The Franklin team are sharing standout podcast episodes they’ve listened to. Stuart Wishart, our dedicated podcast aficionado and Principal Systems Engineer, offers his recommendation this month:

“In this podcast episode, the focus is on the challenges and obstacles involved in turning AI research into a viable commercial product. Professor Anant Madabhushi, the featured guest, shares real-life stories of setbacks and offers insights into his strategies for overcoming them.”

Episode 125

1 May 2023
Freakonomics: No Stupid Questions – Should We Replace Umpires With Robots?

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We’re asking the Franklin team to share some of their top pick podcast episodes. Stuart Wishart, Principal Systems Engineer provides us with his:

“This Freakonomics episode discusses the broad notion of why people don’t like using robots or computers for tasks where they’re demonstrably more accurate.  This concept is summarised by the theory of algorithm aversion, which is the idea that people distrust and dislike of robots or computers taking the place of human beings when making important decisions.

Well worth a listen, the key take-away for me was that when people have a little bit of control of what the final decision is, even if this is only a small amount of influence, then they are more likely to use the algorithm.”