We’re leveraging the power of AI in pathology to benefit millions of patients every day.

At Franklin.ai we’re working hand-in-hand with pathologists to develop ground-breaking AI solutions that will help scale their capacity for diagnostic care across the globe.

Empowering pathologists.

Franklin.ai is a joint venture that combines Harrison.ai’s clinically-led AI platform with Sonic Healthcare’s deep clinical expertise and global reach.

We aim to support a more effective and efficient diagnosis of patients in anatomic pathology and laboratory medicine by providing pathologists with a comprehensive suite of AI solutions that can act as a second set of eyes, with the potential to improve diagnostic accuracy and increase workflow efficiency, quality of care and outcomes.

Why does the world need Franklin.ai?

The global healthcare system is under increasing pressure. It’s facing new challenges that require advances in technology to allow pathologists to scale diagnostic capacity while simultaneously improving quality of care.

Franklin.ai works hand-in-hand with pathologists to develop AI-powered tools that will augment their pivotal role at the heart of the healthcare system.


We’re on a mission to build ground-breaking tools to benefit millions of patients.

We’re on a mission to build ground-breaking tools to benefit millions of patients.

Inspired by the past, focused on the future.

We’re keenly aware that the ambitious work we’re undertaking today is enabled by standing on the shoulders of giants. Looking through the lens of history, we’ve been inspired by the work of many great clinicians who’ve come before us, particularly those within the field of pathology.

Pathology is the science of understanding human disease which underpins the practice of modern medicine. We believe that recognising how the field has progressed over time is invaluable as we move forward and shape the future. We’re working in partnership with pathologists to deliver cutting edge solutions that raise the standard of healthcare for millions of patients around the world.

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